East Nashville Farmers Market Is Grrrrrrreat!

Earlier today we were puttering around the house and realized that it was Wednesday afternoon, which meant the East Nashville Farmers Market was up and running over on 10th Street. We put the puttering on the back burner and took a quick drive to check out what’s on offer this summer.

There was a bit of light rain but that didn’t stop a healthy crowd from showing up. Under a tent in the middle of the market was a three-piece acoustic bluegrass band, complete with stand-up bass. There were a number of non-food vendors selling handmade soaps and jewelry. For those who couldn’t wait to eat some of the goodies the fine folks from Moose Head Kettle Corn had plenty of tasty treats available. (For those of you who Twitter, check out @MooseHeadCorn.)

East Nashville Farmers Market

Several vendors had already sold out of a few choice items before we arrived, but there was still plenty to look over for our next week’s meals. Delvin Farms had three different kinds of kale, including a neat-looking one called Dinosaur Kale, not to mention shiitake mushrooms. The only seasonal fruit we saw was strawberries, though that should change in the next few weeks or so. We got the chance to sample some delicious sugar snap peas from Foggy Hollow Farm in Joelton – they’ll be on our shopping list next week for sure.

In the end we bought a pound of green beans from Delvin Farms, a pound of pork chops and some dog treats from Peaceful Pastures, and a block of chipotle colby cheese from Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese. That ought to tide us over until next week, when we plan to get there at 3:30 p.m. so we can scope out everything that’s available for early birds.

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