ArtEast Debuts This Weekend in East Nashville

This weekend is the last Saturday of the month, and that means it’s once again time for the East Nashville Art Stroll – or as it’s now known, ArtEast.

The Art Stroll started up last September and has opened the community’s eyes to the wealth of artistic talent hiding out on our side of the river. This month’s version bears the new name ArtEast and will shine the spotlight on more than 80 artists.

Art and Invention Gallery will feature some 50 artists this weekend, with the spotlight being on the work of Elizabeth Foster.

Billups Art has art and a party this weekend

Billups Art is showing off its recently finished artist studios, featuring the works of Antwan Hamilton of Artificer, Bill BuffettEther Workshop, Terra WilsonDean Tomasek and Anthony Billups.

Brazilian-born artist Marcelo Halmenschlanger‘s home for the night will be Bongo Java East, while Fanny’s House of Music will celebrate its first birthday with the works of Beth Inglish.

Open Lot wants to help you REform

Open Lot, whose theme for the night is REform (“Through fashion, art, and design we will explore the many ways in which one can reform an existing item to have a new meaning and purpose in the 21st century”), will feature Randy L. Purcell, Jacqueline Meeks, Laura Cavaliere,  Molly Brooks, Kelly Bonadies, Raymo Ventura, Jon Chilsom and Ryan Hogan.

And last but not least, Studio 83 East‘s show this month is “5 Themes, 15 Artists.” Local artist Jeff Bertrand curates the show and participates along with fellow locals Michelle Duckworth, Heather Crook, Anjeanette Illustration, Brandt HardinAimee Davidson, Charles V. Bennett, Rachel Napier, Jonny Lashley, Dustin Dirt, Brenan Sharp, Erin Lord, Brooke E., Randy McQuien, Jr., and Abilgail Horne.

This month’s ArtEast will run from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Once you’ve got your fill of visual art, head back down to Billups Art at 1008-C Woodland St. for the ArtEast after party featuring the music of Matt Powell, Isaac Hayden and Art Four Sale.

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