A Weekend Treat: “Nashville” by Dana Immanuel

Yesterday was a long Nashville Saturday that included some tennis in the morning, a gorgeous afternoon walking the dogs at Shelby Bottoms, and a few evening hours browsing the local art on display at the galleries participating in ArtEast. That means today will be a much slower day for me and the rest of the EastNashvilleBlog.com crew. If you’re recovering like we are – and I’m sure at least a few of you are in that boat – why not take a few minutes to check out the new video for my friend Dana Immanuel‘s song “Nashville”?

If you listen to her sing or watch her play the guitar or banjo you might be fooled into thinking she’s from around these parts or somewhere close, but singer-songwriter Dana Immanuel actually hails from London, UK. Can somebody do us all the favor of booking her for a few shows here in Music City? Flights to London from Nashville are a bit on the expensive side for lowly bloggers like me.


  1. Will play for drugs/food…


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