King Solomon’s Gyros: Friendly, Fresh and Cheap

If you’re looking for a good meal in East Nashville but don’t have the time it takes to sit down, consider stopping by King Solomon’s Gyros at 716 Gallatin Road.

For starters, you won’t find better service anywhere in East Nashville. While Rachel and I waited behind two other cars on our last visit, the owner brought a menu out to us so we could look it over before arriving at the window to place our order. Once we got there, he was exceedingly friendly and attentive to our requests and got every detail of the order right – more than can be said for a lot of fast-food-style establishments.

The menu at King Solomon’s Gyros is diverse. There’s the standard fare that you would expect from a gyro joint, along with a few favorites like the Philly Cheesesteak and Catfish Sandwich, and a number of different salad options. There’s also a full complement of appetizers from stuffed jalapenos to fried mushrooms and hot wings, making it a low-priced option for game-day snacking. On our visit we kept it simple, opting to go with a taste of the Mediterranean and leave the American favorites for another time.

At King Solomon's Gyros, you get all three: fresh, friendly and cheap

Rachel ordered the falafel plate ($5.99) and noted that the falafel cakes were perfectly cooked with a great soft crunch. They were a touch dry on our last visit, but a little cucumber sauce is the perfect antidote to that little problem. Served on a bed of aromatic yellow rice with saffron, the falafel was accompanied by warm and tasty pita wedges. Rachel described the side salad – lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, banana peppers, and feta cheese in a vinegar dressing – as “refreshing.” The tangy peppers and potent vinegar overpowered the other flavors in the salad to a degree, especially the delicate flavor of the feta, but all the ingredients tasted fresh.

I chose the gyro combo ($5.49), my second go-round in the last two weeks with this option. At just $1.50 more than the gyro alone to get an order of fries and a drink, it’s as good a bargain as you’ll find on this side of town. The meat was tender and flavorful, juicy but not greasy, and served on a fresh roll with cucumber sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and onion. The portion size was generous without being too much to handle, though you might end up with a few leftover fries if you didn’t grow up a member of the Clean Plate Club.

I finished my meal by splitting a small vanilla milkshake with Rachel. Made with local Purity ice cream, it was a bit on the sweeter side but still made for a nice treat on a hot day. Even with the milkshake and tax included, we both ate for under $15.

Even though it’s a drive-through business, it can take a few minutes to get your food at King Solomon’s Gyros because they have a small staff and make everything to order. But with long business hours (Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm), fresh food, friendly service and the affordability of a diverse menu all working in the restaurant’s favor, the wait is a small price to pay for one of the East side’s best cheap meals.

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