Dining Out For Life in East Nashville

Tuesday, April 27th is a big day for Nashville foodies, as the eighth annual Dining Out For Life event descends on our fair city. Local eateries participating in the event will donate a portion of your bill to Nashville CARES, Tennessee’s leading community-based AIDS service organization.

2010 Iron Fork Recap

There were several hundred Nashvillians in attendance and a few dozen local eateries and food shops handing out samples of their recipes and products. If you think you can’t fill your belly with samples, you should be sure to attend Iron Fork next year and give your theory some field-testing. We never expected to be so happily heavy with food from such tiny little portions, but when the flavors on offer are so tasty it’s hard not to get seconds and thirds.

King Solomon’s Gyros: Friendly, Fresh and Cheap

If you’re looking for a good meal in East Nashville but don’t have the time it takes to sit down, consider stopping by King Solomon’s Gyros at 716 Gallatin Road. For starters, you won’t find better service anywhere in East Nashville. While Rachel and I waited behind two other cars on our last visit, the […]

Nashville’s Eastside Brunch Guide, Volume 1

Sunshine and 80-degree temperatures, coffee and biscuits on the porch, Bradford and cherry blossoms – yes, it’s springtime again in East Nashville, which means some of us have contracted spring fever and allergy season has returned for others. Whether you’re finally peering out from your seasonal affective disorder funk or beginning the long battle with the itchy sneezes, brunch is the best medicine.

Win Two Tickets to Iron Fork 2010

For the third straight year, the Nashville Scene is putting on its own version of Iron Chef here in Music City. The Iron Fork competition, which goes down the night of April 21st at the Country Music Hall of Fame, will feature five top chefs from the Nashville area competing in culinary battle. Proceeds from the […]

Hot Chicken Goes High Society With Thomas Keller

In one sense the chef was completely out of his element: Justus notes in her piece that nine-course meals at Keller’s French Laundry restaurant in California go for more than $200 per person, while all the chicken and sides they ate at Prince’s cost just $35 total. But in another sense, Keller was completely within his element – after all, he is a chef, and true food people often appreciate the simple things the most.

Hunan Express Not So Hunan After All

Perhaps Hunan Express has erred on the side of pandering too much to the American palate, but with other restaurants such as Far East Nashville’s Vietnamese cuisine as well as Thai Phooket and Pad Thai Kitchen doing quite well in our neck of the woods, it seems that Hunan could only benefit from upping their game a bit. Or maybe the East Nashville market is ripe for another enterprise to step up to the plate.

James Beard Foundation Announces 2010 Award Nominees

The James Beard Foundation, the organization that hands out awards to the best of everything American in food and drink, today announced it list of nominees for its 2010 awards. From books and broadcast media to restaurants and chefs, the list of categories is as varied as the American palate and features more than a […]