Mad Donna’s New Menu Turns Up the Heat

East Nashville locals have always had a soft spot for Mad Donna’s, but there’s even more to like now that the kitchen’s new management team has rolled out a new menu. We had the chance to drop by a few nights ago and try out some of the new dishes for ourselves, and if that […]

Nashville’s Eastside Brunch Guide, Volume 1

Sunshine and 80-degree temperatures, coffee and biscuits on the porch, Bradford and cherry blossoms – yes, it’s springtime again in East Nashville, which means some of us have contracted spring fever and allergy season has returned for others. Whether you’re finally peering out from your seasonal affective disorder funk or beginning the long battle with the itchy sneezes, brunch is the best medicine.

A Drunkard’s Brunch: Mitchell’s Deli

On Sundays I don’t often feel like venturing out into the world before noon. By then, finding sustenance is a priority. There are plenty of places in East Nashville for brunch, and if I haven’t visited most of them by now, I’m sure I will. This week I checked out Mitchell’s Deli at 1402 McGavock […]