East Nashville Beer Festival In The Works

As if East Nashvillians didn’t already have enough to be thankful for, there’s more great news from the neighborhood: we’ll be getting our very own beer festival early next year. The man behind the new East Nashville Beer Festival is Matt Leff, an East Nashville resident who says he was inspired to create the new […]

Have You Lost Your Dog in East Nashville?

Has anyone recently lost a dog near the Maxwell Heights/Greenwood Neighbors area? Last night in that area an East Nashville neighbor came across a little guy who wants to go home, and she is trying to make that happen. He’s a small, black-and-white, shorthaired dog and we’d like to help him to get back where […]

Win Two Tickets to Iron Fork 2010

For the third straight year, the Nashville Scene is putting on its own version of Iron Chef here in Music City. The Iron Fork competition, which goes down the night of April 21st at the Country Music Hall of Fame, will feature five top chefs from the Nashville area competing in culinary battle. Proceeds from the […]

A Drunkard’s Brunch: Mitchell’s Deli

On Sundays I don’t often feel like venturing out into the world before noon. By then, finding sustenance is a priority. There are plenty of places in East Nashville for brunch, and if I haven’t visited most of them by now, I’m sure I will. This week I checked out Mitchell’s Deli at 1402 McGavock […]

FOOD INC. Opens at Belcourt This Weekend

We’re hoping to get a look at FOOD, INC., the new documentary about the food industry that’s playing at Belcourt tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s the trailer for the film: Read about the film in the Tennessean’s article from today. Visit the Belcourt’s website here, or follow them on Twitter here.

East Nashville Farmers Market Is Grrrrrrreat!

Earlier today we were puttering around the house and realized that it was Wednesday afternoon, which meant the East Nashville Farmers Market was up and running over on 10th Street. We put the puttering on the back burner and took a quick drive to check out what’s on offer this summer. There was a bit […]